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Amia Beauty Salon Dublin offers a wide range of treatments, Monday to Saturday. We pride ourselves on the quality of our treatments, and the professional way in which they are applied. We offer over 60 different beauty treatments, giving you the ultimate flexibility in choosing your own unique Amia Beauty personal experience.

Just Ask!

If there is a beauty treatment you’d like done, but you don’t see it on our treatment list, just say it to us! If we can do it, we’ll do it!

Amia’s Staycation

Back massage and mini facial

60min €70

Full body Swedish massage

Indulge in a soothing relaxing body massage personalised to meet the individual’s needs. Advanced massage techniques combined with the use of hot towels will help relieve your aches and pains.

60min €70
90min €120

Deep tissue massage

Powerful massage designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress. Specialised techniques concentrate on specific areas of concern and alleviate common discomforts such as a stiff neck. lower back pain and sore, tight shoulders.

60min €80
90min €120

Hot stone massage

Our specially trained therapists will bring you to a new level of relaxation as warmed basalt river rocks are applied to release excess tension and help connect with the earth’s energy. Aches and pains are replaced by warmth and tranquillity. Our Amia aroma will encompass the senses while the sensation of warmth combined with specific massage techniques will balance, soothe and invigorate your body and mind.

60min €90
90min €120

Back & neck hot stone

Targeting the neck and shoulders, this rejuvenating back massage will alleviate stress and deep muscle tension. Hot oil is massaged into muscles to relieve stress and tightness.

30min €50
40min €60

Indian head massage

Indian head massage is an ancient art based on a traditional system of medicine called Ayurveda, and has been practiced in India for over 3,000 years. This relaxing head massage uses aromatherapy hot oil to relax uncomfortable muscles, ease stiffness, stimulate blood flow and drain away toxins which can help eliminate headaches.

30min €50

Back, neck and shoulder massage

Targeting the neck and shoulders, this rejuvenating back massage will alleviate stress and deep muscle tension.

30min €40
40min €50

Full body scrub

The ultimate treat for tired and dull skin. This invigorating full-body exfoliation refines skin texture and increases luster. Ground down seaweed combined with a melody of botanicals works to firm skin tone while removing dead skin cells helping to encourage cell regeneration and even skin tone. To finish, an all-over massage application of organic body cream is applied. Leave feeling awakened and re-energised with silky-smooth skin.

BCL SPA is a line of luxurious spa products made with certified organic ingredients to provide a truly unique organic experience. Infused with highly beneficial exotic extracts including Moroccan argan oil, arnica flower extract & meadow foam oil to create a spa experience you won’t forget.

Pitaya dragon fruit sugar scrub and mask scrub

This luscious organic scrub is 100% paraben free. Active antioxidants help to tighten the skin while argan oil and vitamins intensely hydrate. The natural sugars deeply exfoliate leaving skin soft and glowing.

60min (incl. oil massage) €100

Mandarin & Mango sugar scrub and mask

This luxurious organic scrub is rich in antioxidants, botanical & herbal extracts blended with rare exotic argan oil. Natural sugars gently exfoliate leaving skin smooth & hydrated while leaving the body energised.

60min (incl. oil massage) €100

Milk & honey sugar scrub

Gently softens the skin to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance for much needed hydration


Lavender & mint moisture body scrub and mask scrub

This incredible clay based mask deeply nourishes while drawing out impurities .Cucumber extract,shea butter and olive oils make this mask a superior hydrator leaving you with radiant healthy looking skin.

60min (incl. oil massage) €100

Lemongrass body scrub

Lemongrass, a natural antiseptic and astringent, helps to eliminate toxins and bacteria from the skin while controlling oil production & minimising the appearance of pores. Green Tea helps to reduce inflammation and redness.

60min €100


Hot stone foot massage – 15min €25

The ultimate in foot massage. Using warmed oil and stones, it is firm enough not to tickle, but gentle enough to be sublimely relaxing and revitalizing.

Hair repair treatement (add on) €20

Hot stone hand treatment – 15min €25

Hot stone face massage – 15min €25

Hair repair add on – 30min €35

Relax and enjoy this luxurious hot oil hair treatment infused with essential oils to strengthen the hair cuticle and deliver a vitamin and mineral packed cocktail while helping to restore shine and luster. Allow your hair to absorb The goodness of the oils while you drift away with a follicle stimulating head massage. The result is smoother more radiant hair and a relaxed state of mind.


Hammam Morrocan oil body massage & scrub

Our Moroccan Hammam is our top skin healing therapy. Our treatment begins with Moroccan black soap which softens and nourishes skin preparing it for exfoliation with our Kassa gloves. Moroccan black soap is known as the hero product of the Hammam ritual. Our therapist will exfoliate the body, massage and rinse with buckets of warm water. This removes dead skin and bacteria opening pores to stimulate the lymph & circulatory systems.

The body will then be coated in a traditional Moroccan mask while oils are added to the hair which can be left on hours after treatment. Our treatment ritual ends by rinsing off the body mask while traditional stretching exercises and gestures relieve the body of tension. You can then cocoon yourself in a warm towel and enjoy a Moroccan tea.

60min €100

Your Amia therapist will decide which treatments are safe for you throughout your pregnancy, however, as a general rule all Amia Essential Facials, Amia Maternity Massage and Amia Pre Natal treatments can be enjoyed throughout your pregnancy after the first trimester.

Pregnancy massage

A relaxing full body massage to help improve skin elasticity, reduce fatigue and targets areas prone to tension during pregnancy. This massage is ideal to relax and relieve tension when shifts in posture cause muscles to tighten and feel uncomfortable.

60min €80

Heavy legs massage

A revitalizing treatment for tired feet and heavy legs. Provides a cooling and soothing experience to help reduce puffiness and soothe aches and pains. Available as an add-on to any ESPA Facial or as an independent treatment. Includes: Foot soak and scrub – Foot & Leg Massage

30min €40

Waxing at Amia Beauty

WAXPERTS is the next generation in waxing. Using the latest technology, they have created a super flexible wax range with a no double dipping policy. Perfect for even the most sensitive skins or strongest hair types. With a low melting point, it is the most comfortable wax available.

Each station is sanitized and tools are sterilized after each client. Treatments cannot be carried out if there are any contra-indications such as skin irritation or infection. For intimate waxing, we provide cleansing wipes for your convenience. We don’t double dip!

Lip €15

Brow €15

Chin €15

Lip & Chin €22

Lip, Chin & Side of Face €30

Underarm €20

Nazal €15

Nipples €15

Full Arm €20

Half Leg €25

3/4 Leg €35

Full Leg €40

Upper Leg €25

Upper Back of Leg (add on) €5


Eyebrow €18

Lip €15

Chin €15

Side of Face €20

Neck €20

The Bikinis

Basic Bikini Waxing €20

Extended Bikini Line €25

Californian €35

Inbetweeny €40

Brazilian €50

Hollywood €55

Full Leg & Bikini €50

Full Leg & Brazilian €80

Vajazzle (Swarovski Crystals applied after waxing) €15

Cocoa Brown

1 Hour Tan €20

Half Body €15

Bellamianta Tan

Half Body €20

Full Body €30

Vita Libereta Tan

Tan €30

Half Body €20


Shellac manicure €40

Shellac polish €34

1 Week Vinylux Polish €25

Amia’s mini manicure €35
30 Min. soak cuticle work, buff, file & polish

Amia’s Deluxe Manicure €50
45 Min. soak of the nails a relaxing hand arm massage and relaxing hand mask and hot mitts application

Luxury Thai Manicure €55
Revive your sensuous and awaken the soul with this luxurious Thai infused manicure

Mandarin mango spa manicure €55

Pitaya dragon fruit spa manicure €55

Gel Nails

Full Set of Gel Nails €55

Full Set of Gel Nails French €60

Refill of Gel with Shellac €45

Removal of Gel €20

Removal of Gel Shellac (if not applied in Amia) €5

Removal of Gel Shellac and Treatment €10

Full set of acrylic nails €55

Refill of acrylic nails with shellac €45

Chrome colour nails add-on €10


Shellac pedicure €50

Shellac polish €35

Vinylux add on €5

1 week Vinylux polish €25
A one week longer lasting polish

Amia’s mini Pedicure €40
Foot soak followed by cuticle work, massage, file & polish – 30Min

Callus peel €70
Removes all dead skin, incl. file & polish.

Danne medi pedi €90
This pedicure gives instant results. The unique alkaline solution gently softens and dissolves any hard skin build up. An exceptional treatment that leaves the most rough, cracked and calloused feet feeling smooth and soft without the use of blades or rasps. Including cuticle treatment and a file and polish.

Hard skin removal add on €10

Luxury Thai pedicure €65

Mandarin & Mango spa pedicure €65

Pitaya dragon fruit spa pedicure €65

Little Princess Mani & Pedi

(under 12’s)

Manicure €15

Pedicure €15

Image Skincare – Facial & Peels

Image Skincare is a high quality cosmeceutical brand from America. Image is formulated and developed by chemists and a board of physicians, to create pharmaceutical grade skincare products, that give unparalleled results! Image is guaranteed to perform with incredible results. Traditionally, over the counter products treat the surface of the skin only, but Image products work at a cellular level to restore and maintain optimum skin health, diminishing fine lines, fading sun damage, increasing hydration and stimulating cellular turnover in the skin to give a more youthful, brighter looking skin to nourish, correct and perfect. All of Image skincare lines are free of parabens, petrochemicals and chemical preservatives. They are not tested on animals, they respect the environment, are not perfumed and all fragrances in the products are made with 100% essential oils. Image boasts superb professional peels.

To have a peel you must book in for a consultation and then use your Image product to pre-treat your skin for 2 weeks before you can have an Image peel.

O2 Lift (Also known as the Red Carpet Facial)

A hydration and oxygen combination that promotes divine hydration. This luxurious treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived anti-ageing stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated. This is an ideal prep programme immediately before any event.

45-60 mins €105

Illuminating Facial

This brightening treatment combines the latest innovations in skin lightening technology to help dull, tired or pigmented skin leaving you with visible results. This targeted facial uses Enzymes, Vitamin C and Daisy Flower to ensure your skin is left bright and luminous!

50 mins €90

The MAX Stem Cell Facial

An anti-ageing, redness-diffusing active facial. A must-have pre-event hybrid facial adored by brides worldwide! This treatment strikes the ideal balance between a gentle peel and a therapeutic facial, and is designed to really target those pesky wrinkles, elasticity concerns and combat generally lethargic and dull skin. All the latest anti-ageing stem cell technology is used to guarantee immediate and long lasting results, while the client enjoys being pampered in absolute luxury.

50 mins €95

Be Clear Purifying Facial

Inhibit the spots, increase the confidence. An ideal teen facial or mild preventative acne-formation treatment. The treatment includes a thorough deep cleanse and exfoliation, followed by hydration to conclude. Ideal for occasional hormonal breakouts or for the individual who craves a deep cleanse at a cellular level.

50 mins €90

The Ormedic Lift (no pre-treating necessary)

This facial is perfect for unbalanced and sensitive skin. It is also ideal for women during pregnancy. This organic based treat naturally exfoliates the skin with fruit enzymes and pulp of papaya, pineapple, pumpkin and mango to dissolve dead, dull looking skin cells. The infusion of organic Japanese green tea and idebenone into the skin means afterwards your skin will be incredibly hydrated, renewed and looking vibrant!

40 mins €100

The Signature FaceLift

This revolutionary 4 layer facelift will change the appearance of your skin after just one treatment. Rejuvenate your skin with high doses of Vitamin C while glycolic acid and gentle but highly active enzymes speed up skin-cell turnover, to brighten, tighten and lighten your skin.

30 mins €100

Image Peel Course

Buy a course of any 3 Image Peels or Image Facials for €250!

30 mins €250

Value: €300 => Cost to you: €250 => Saving: €50

Micro Needling

The basic idea behind Micro-Needling is to stimulate the production of new collagen. Using the skin’s ability to heal itself, puncturing the dermis with microscopic needles triggers the production of new collagen.

Micro-Needling is used to improve skin tone and texture; treating the appearance of ageing; scarring; stretch marks and pigmentation marks from acne and sun damage. Topical products applied directly after Micro-Needling can be absorbed to a far deeper level in the skin, making them more effective.

Face & neck €190
Course of 3 €500
Ultra calming facial €95
Course of 6 (eye & lip area) €500

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy uses light-emitting diode technology to activate and promote collagen production and increase the rate of skin cell renewal. As the treatment stimulates collagen and elastin, your skin should feel tighter and firmer. Any fine lines will diminish in appearance, as well as blemishes and acne.

Image hydrating mask LED therapy facial €60
Image anti-ageing LED therapy facial €60
Add LED light therapy to any facial €20
Led lighting therapy course of 3 (+1 Free ) €180

Ultra Calming Facial

Recommended for sensitivity/sensitised skin. Your skin is instantly calmed and soothed. Ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

60min €75

Age Smart Facial

The ultimate facial for premature, dehydrated and dull skin! Vitamins and peptides are combined to smooth, and prevent lines

75min €85

Medi Bac Facial

Blemished skin is purified with this facial designed specifically for acne sufferers.

60min €75

Express Facial

In a hurry? Enjoy this fab on-the-run facial.

35min €50

Revitalising Eye Rescue

Luxurious eye treatment ideal for fine lines, dry/dull or puffy eyes.

30min €45

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Facial

Using our AGESmart range, receive deep cleanse, powerful exfoliation, relaxing facial massage and
contouring mask to reduce the signs of aging and introduce vitamins into the skin.

80min €100

High Definition

The HD Brows steps can be used to create the ultimate in ‘High Definition Brows’. HD Brows is a seven-step eyebrow shaping treatment that focuses on design. It involves a combination of techniques including tinting, waxing and threading – using specialist HD products.


Mink Lashes

Mink lashes are the ultimate must-have lashes. Your eyes are the first thing people see, so why not make them look bigger, brighter and just down-right fabulous! 100% mink lashes are soft, lightweight and natural to the look and touch. One mink lash is applied to every natural lash. Recommended refills every 4 weeks.

Mink Lashes Full Set €95

Mink Lashes Refill 60min €60

Mink Lashes Refill 45min €45

Standard Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Tint €12

Eyelash Tint €15

Eyebrow Wax/Shape €15

Brow Combo €30

Eye Combo €35


Make-Up Lessons €50

Make-Up Application €40

Lashes and Eye Make-Up €25

Individual 48 Hour Lashes €25

Eye Make-Up €20

Strip Lashes €15

Make-Up with Lashes €50

Male Treatments

Facial €75

Hydrating Facial €75

Anti-Ageing Facial €85

Eyebrows €15

Shoulders €20

Chest €40

Back, Neck & Shoulders €50

Nasal €15


You can book with us online from the comfort of your couch! We’ll get back to you with confirmation and any information you might need before your appointment. Just fill out the form below, and leave the rest up to us!

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